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Drive Chip & Putt


World Golf Village to Host Drive, Chip, & Putt Sub-Regional Qualifier – Qualifier for the annual nationwide junior skills competition to take place at the Slammer & Squire Golf Course on August 27

  1. AUGUSTINE, Fla. (August 22, 2016)– With the completion of the Drive, Chip, & Putt local qualifiers throughout Florida, 120 juniors will move on to the Sub-Regional Qualifier at the Slammer & Squire Golf Course in World Golf Village on Saturday, August 27, 2016. The competition, set to begin at 8 a.m., gives these juniors a chance to advance to the Regional Qualifier at TPC Sawgrass on September 10.   These players have successfully completed that difficult first step towards the Drive, Chip, & Putt National Championship, which takes place at Augusta National Golf Club – home of The Masters – on April 2. From this Sub-Regional Qualifier, the top-2 players from each division will earn their way to the Regional Qualifier at TPC Sawgrass, where the champion from each division will complete their quest to compete in Augusta.   Juniors ages 7-15 will compete in a competition focused on driving, chipping and putting, which mirrors the NFL’s Punt, Pass, & Kick competition. During the competition, each junior will hit three drives into a long-drive style driving grid, followed by three chip shots into giant painted rings around the hole. They will finish by hitting three putts into painted rings all for points.

About World Golf Village – Located in historic St. Augustine, Florida – just south of Jacksonville – World Golf Village is the ultimate golf vacation destination and a true paradise for fans of the game. “The Village,” as it’s often referred to by locals, is home to the World Golf Hall of Fame & Museum, where the greatest players and contributors are honored. The Village boasts the flagship Renaissance World Golf Village Resort with adjoining St. Johns County Convention Center, two championship golf courses, The Slammer & Squire and The King & Bear, the PGA TOUR Golf Academy, and IMAX® Theater at World Golf Hall of Fame. For more information about World Golf Village or to book a package, visit or call 800-948-4653.

About Drive, Chip & Putt Championship – A joint initiative founded in 2013 by the Masters Tournament, United States Golf Association and the PGA of America, the Drive, Chip & Putt Championship is a free nationwide junior golf development competition aimed at growing the game by focusing on the three fundamental skills employed in golf. By tapping the creative and competitive spirit of girls and boys ages 7-15, the Drive, Chip & Putt Championship provides aspiring junior golfers an opportunity to play with their peers in qualifiers around the country. Participants who advance through local, sub-regional and regional qualifying in each age/gender category earn a place in the National Finals, which is conducted at Augusta National Golf Club the Sunday before the Masters Tournament and is broadcast live by Golf Channel. For more information about the Drive, Chip & Putt Championship, visit


Health Of The Golf Industry

Olympics Masthead

Overview of golf’s development and global reach

Since the announcement that golf would make its return to the Olympic Games at Rio de Janeiro in 2016, there has been speculation in the golf business about the potential impact the game’s inclusion would have on the growth of golf in South America and around the world.

The R&A and National Golf Foundation (NGF) agreed that tracking worldwide golf course supply would provide a reasonable and acceptable proxy for golf participation and therefore measuring the development and growth of the game itself. Thus, the International Golf Facility Database project was conceived.

In late 2010, with the support of The R&A and 15 of golf’s leading companies, NGF undertook the ambitious task of developing a definitive worldwide database of golf facilities. It proved to be an arduous and painstaking process to identify, through multiple sources and methodologies, all existing golf facilities and new projects.

However, the effort was ultimately very productive and rewarding, as the information gathered has been standardized into a single, accurate and comprehensive database of the world’s golf courses. Though the project is ongoing and will require continuous tracking of information on existing and new golf facilities being planned or constructed, golf now has a tool that can be used to measure the game’s overall size and growth.

How big is Golf?

Through April 2014, more than 18,630 golf facilities* in 201 countries outside the United States were being identified. While the vast majority of the world’s golf courses have been identified and entered into the database, new courses continue to be found (but at a much slower rate).

The project has confirmed that golf is widely dispersed, but highly concentrated. The U.S. contains about 47% of the world’s golf facilities, and North America about 57%.

Other interesting findings include:

  • Outside the U.S., 70% of courses are located in just 10 countries
  • 20 countries hold 85% of supply
  • After the top 20 countries, the average number of facilities per country is only 15
  • Only 8 countries have more than 500 golf facilities

How and where is Golf Growing?

Research has uncovered approximately 272 that are currently under construction and another 439 golf facilities that are in advanced planning. Additionally, another 420 or so are in preliminary planning phases or on hold. These new projects comprise the development “pipeline” and represent roughly four to five years of growth.

To put this new growth in perspective, consider the following:

  • Overall, there are 100 to 150 new courses opening per year worldwide.
  • Net growth, excluding the U.S., represents about 1% annual increase in supply.
  • If all 739+ projects in planning and under construction were completed, they would increase the international supply by about 2%.

As with existing golf course supply, new course development is widely dispersed, though not to the same degree. The top 20 countries account for roughly half of all new development activity.  Remember that those same countries represent 85% of existing supply. Thus, golf is spreading disproportionately away from the developed golfing countries.

Where is Golf Contracting?

The game is contracting primarily in countries where golf is already highly developed, and where recent growth in golf course supply outpaced growth in the number of golfers. In these countries, such as Japan, Canada, Australia, UK, and the U.S., golf is undergoing a correction between golf course supply and demand.

The U.S. represents the most obvious example of this kind of correction. Over the 20-year period from 1986 to 2005, the U.S. saw more than 4,500 golf courses open. However, there subsequently has been a net reduction of about 500 18-hole equivalent golf courses, equating to a decline of about 3.3% from the peak supply year of 2005.

What Does this Mean for Golf Across the Globe?

Taking into account the corrections being experienced in some of the most developed golf countries, it is estimated that the net change in the annual growth of golf globally is negligible at this time. However, though international course openings are generally being offset by course closures in other places, golf is growing.

Rather than focus on the marginal overall growth of golf, it is important to understand that golf is spreading across the globe. However, some question whether international growth is happening in a way that will be most beneficial to the game in the long run. For instance, roughly two-thirds of new golf construction is tourism related.

And while new resort golf may be great for the overall economies of places such as Hainan Island in China, the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico, this type of development may not be the impetus for meaningful growth of the game among the residents of those countries. (China, as an example, might be better served by more affordable golf facilities, rather than new high-end resort courses, to foster golf demand among its rapidly growing middle class).

*Because many countries have unique classification systems for golf facilities, it was necessary to standardize the definitions of golf facilities and golf courses so that the international database is consistent across countries. In summary, golf facilities can comprise multiple golf courses (think Bethpage State Park, Torrey Pines, etc.).


East Meets West


  • Home to premier PGA TOUR Tournaments

    1. Each year, the PGA TOUR stops in Scottsdale, AZ and Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. TPC Scottsdale, Host of the Waste Management Phoenix Open is also known as “The Greenest Show on Grass”, a nod to their extensive recycling program and Zero Waste Challenge during the event. In May, the pros head to TPC Sawgrass, Home of THE PLAYERS. With the PGA TOUR Headquarters just down the street, TPC Sawgrass annually accumulates one of the toughest fields in golf.
  • Unmatched Stadium Golf Experience

    1. Both TPC Sawgrass and TPC Scottsdale are recognized for their iconic Par 3s coming down the stretch on the back nine. The 17th Hole (Sawgrass) and 16th Hole (Scottsdale) both emulate the PGA TOUR’s vision of “Stadium” golf experience. Featuring 360 degree views, these holes draw thousands of fans to watch the excitement. Take the opportunity to play before or after the tournament and you might just feel that same excitement the pros feel.
  • 36 Holes of Championship Golf

    1. Lesser known than the Stadium Courses, TPC Sawgrass and TPC Scottsdale also have sister courses or you might say hidden gems. Opened in 1987, Dye’s Valley (Sawgrass) was designed by Pete Dye and Bobby Weed. Since 2010, Dye’s Valley has hosting a event, last being the TOUR Championship. At TPC Scottsdale, the Champions Course offers a championship golf experience without hosting a professional tournament. Equal to the beauty and difficulty of the Stadium Course, Champions is nestled between natural ravines and picturesque foothills.
  • Total Game Instruction Experience

    1. TOURAcademy TPC Sawgrass and TOURAcademy TPC Scottsdale offer golfers of all skill levels a total game instruction experience. Designed to improve every facet of the student’s game, this experience offers the “building-block approach” in a nurturing environment free from any pressure. Each TOURAcademy Instructor is a career-teaching professional with expertise in instruction, fitness, mental game and club fitting. Our instructors are often recognized nationally by their peers and have earned some of the highest credentials in the industry – Golf Magazine Top 100, Golf Digest’s Best Young Teachers, Golf Digest’s Best in State, AimPoint Certification, PGA and LPGA Memberships.
  • Exceptional Service

    1. Located at some of the most premier destinations in the country, including TPC Sawgrass and TPC Scottsdale, CADDIEMASTER enhances every golfers experience with their world-class caddie program. Caddies and forecaddies have the greatest impact on the golf experience. In fact, there is no individual that spends more time with the guest than the caddie; an opportunity CADDIEMASTER thrives on with a 99% customer satisfaction.
  • From the Winner’s Circle

    1. Seven PGA TOUR professionals have won both THE PLAYERS Championship and the Waste Management Phoenix Open – Phil Mickelson, Hal Sutton, Lee Janzen, Sandy Lyle, Calvin Peete, Jerry Pate and Jack Nicklaus. However, in 1985, Calvin Peete won both the Phoenix Open and THE PLAYERS – the only player in the history of both tournaments to accomplish such a feat.


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3 Steps To Achieve The Perfect Chip

By Jarut Padung, Senior Certified Instructor PGA TOUR Golf Academy World Golf Village

At the TOURAcademy a chip shot is defined as a greenside shot that is maximum ground time minimum air. Used when you are just off the fringe and have plenty of green to work with. This shot is widely used as not only the foundation of all of your short game shot but also your full swing.

Leaning the shaft forward is very common and widely used by most amateurs. This is the correct thing to do when trying to keep the ball on the ground. However, if you play golf in Florida and have to deal with very gnarly and grainy turf this could create an issue. Leaning the club shaft forward also expose the leading edge of the golf club even more into the ground, creating a digging action.

One of our favorite tips here at the academy is not only having the handle forward but also make sure the handle is also up. This lifts the heel of the golf club off the ground to prevent digging into the turf. This allows you to strike the ground with a descending blow without the club feeling stuck into the ground:

Step #1

Start with your trail hand, grip down on the handle and start by getting the handle up.






Step #2

Make sure the handle is forward slightly, then place the middle of body (stutter step) to the handle. This will put the ball position back and get you slightly closer to the ball.






Step #3

When you hit the shot, make sure your torso turns through the shot.







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The Best of North Florida

North Florida continues to be a highly sought after golf vacation destination for many reasons. Just a 2 hour drive from the hustle and bustle of Orlando and an easy commute north on I-95 from South Florida – the destination delivers a laid back, scenic golfing experience along the Atlantic coastline, complete with unparalleled courses and local attractions. Below are a few of our top golf spots across North Florida and tips on what to do and see in the area.


TPC Sawgrass – Dye’s Valley Course

While many enthusiasts of the game associate the famed Stadium course and island green No. 17 with this notable club – TPC Sawgrass is also home to a Pete Dye designed gem, the Dye’s Valley course. The course will celebrate 30 years of memorable moments in the game in 2017. Seasoned and casual golfers can benefit from the design of this golf course with wider fairways and larger greens. This is still a challenging golf course as water comes into play on all 18 holes. Golfers will also enjoy a less-crowded golf course, and likely a faster round on Dye’s Valley Course. During your visit, be sure to pay a visit to the shops and restaurants at the St. John’s Towns Center or the happening Jacksonville Beach bars in the evening.


World Golf Village – The King & Bear, Slammer & Squire

Boasting two of the top courses in North Florida – World Golf Village delivers an golfing experience unlike any other. In one weekend – you can play a few rounds of championship golf, pay a visit to the World Golf Hall of Fame & Museum, tune up at the PGA TOUR Golf Academy, catch the latest Hollywood flick at the IMAX Theater and unwind at the luxurious Renaissance Resort. The King & Bear is the only golf course in the world that has been co-designed by Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. The Slammer & Squire course was designed by architect Bobby Weed along with Hall of Fame Members, Sam Snead and Gene Sarazen. During your visit, be sure to pay a visit to nearby historic downtown St. Augustine – featuring shops, restaurants, cobblestone streets and a variety of sights and attractions for all ages.


THE PGA TOUR Golf Academy World Golf Village

The flagship TOURAcademy location, opened in the year 2000 has been instructing beginners and experts of the game alike for over 15 years. Home to an impressive putting lab, spacious range and challenging putting greens – the facility and staff are exceptional and unlike any other in North Florida. If you’re looking to tune up, improve your swing or get fitted for a new set of clubs by our expert Club Fitting manager, Jason Fenstermaker – the PGA TOUR Golf Academy World Golf Village is the place to go. Give us a call before your visit to North Florida and schedule your visit and instruction needs – 904-940-3600


TOURAcademy’s Todd Jones Named PGA North Florida “Teacher of the Year”


Todd Jones (Fourth From Right)

The quality selection of our instructors has been at the core of TOURAcademy since our debut in the golf instruction scene in the year 2000. To this day, our instructors continue to make not only an impact on the ranges, but also in their respective local golf communities. We’re thrilled to announce Todd Jones, Master Instructor TOURAcademy TPC Sawgrass as the 2016 North Florida PGA Chapter Teacher of the Year

The Teacher of the Year Award is designed to recognize a PGA Professional who is an outstanding teacher of golf among the ranks of PGA membership. This award is based on a professional’s overall performance in teaching; unusual, innovative and special teaching programs initiated or implemented; articles published; as well as outstanding golfers the professional has instructed.

A native of Binghamton, N.Y.,Todd played collegiality at East Carolina and the University of Rochester before becoming a full-time PGA member and teacher in 1995. He has been with the TOURAcademy since 2003, teaching at the PGA TOUR Golf Academy World Golf Village for several years before joining TPC Sawgrass in December 2006. As Master Instructor, Todd has been instrumental in co-developing innovative instruction programs for the TOURAcademy, helping to establish it as a leader in golf instruction.

While at the University of Rochester, Todd took lessons with legendary golf instructor Craig Harmon at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester. He also spent some time later in the golf operations side at John Jacobs Golf Schools. Todd has extensive experience working with players of all levels, including former LPGA Tour player Sophie Gustafson, current Tour player Steve Wheatcroft, and current Champions Tour players Blaine McCallister, Sandy Lyle and Anders Forsbrand.

Book Your Lesson with Todd Online or by Calling 800-766-7939