PGA TOUR Golf Academy

Our Technology

V1 Sports – Digital Coach

The easy-to-use online coaching program has Connect-to-Coach Technology built right in, so students can videotape and upload their swings and then send them to our instructors for their analysis and feedback. V1 Sports allows you to view your swing in slow motion, frame by frame, or side by side with a PGA TOUR player’s swing or an older swing to assess your progress. Our instructors will analyze the student’s swing as well as provide video drills and lessons to encourage faster development. Already a student? View Your Swing from your Online Locker.


FlightScope 3D-Doppler Tracking Technology allows our instructors to analzye your swing from multiple camera angles, as well as compare and contrast your swing mechanics on a split screen with many of the best golfers in the world. FlightScope measures the clubhead’s angle of attack as well as 23 other important club and ball data parameters, including clubhead speed, ball speed, ball spin, vertical launch angle, carry distance, and total distance.

Dynamic Balance System

DBS is a unique biofeedback learning tool which helps instructors convey direction and identify inaccurate movements during the golf swing. The DBS forceplate monitors the golfer’s center of gravity relative to a fixed center position during the swing, providing immediate feedback on weight transfer and overall balance. The system can be synchronized with video to enhance learning. Following instruction students will be able to utilize the technology on their own to engrain the proper movement and sequence patterns in the swing.

BodiTrak Golf System

BodiTrak is the game’s first portable weight measurement system. It employs a portable, light, smart fabric mat and proprietary pressure mapping software to track a player’s center of pressure—or where they’re applying forces into the ground–throughout the swing. The flexible roll-up design allows the instructor to capture the golfer’s center of pressure from any lie indoors or outdoors, even from a bunker. The center of pressure is measured in two directions—from front to back and side to side—to help golfers gain a better understanding of how the body should move during the swing. The BodiTrak system is integrated with Flightscope so that while you’re hitting balls with FlightScope, you can view data from BodiTrak on the same screen.