TourAcademy Golf Instruction

TourAcademy Golf Instruction

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The philosophy of the TOURAcademy brand begins with the commitment to educate our students. Through a complete education, you will leave the academy with the tools necessary to improve your game. This is a direct product of the programs that comprise the four cornerstones of improvement:

  • Full Swing, Short Game and On-Course Instruction
  • Club Fitting
  • Fitness
  • Mental Conditioning

These cornerstones and the TOURAcademy programs are directly supported by and based on the talents of the best players in the world, especially those on the PGA TOUR. These players are the best at what they do, so we incorporate their techniques within our instructional programs.

TOURAcademy Instructors

The TOURAcademy approach requires all instructors to adhere to a personable, straight-forward teaching style of applying golf’s accepted fundamentals and a positive mental approach to the game. Under the leadership of Director of Instruction Travis Fulton (read bio here), our expert staff will:

  • Help you develop a game plan that will lead to more confidence on the golf course. This game plan will focus on specific areas of improvement such as full swing, short game or on-course instruction.
  • Use the latest and greatest in golf technology to enhance the learning environment and provide all the necessary data to improve your game.
  • Teach you the ball flight laws so you will be able to recognize your own swing flaws as they occur and make the necessary corrections. An individualized practice routine will be established so you can focus on how to improve your swing fundamentals after returning home.
  • Enhance your short game feel by teaching you the time-tested mechanics of master putting, chipping, pitching and bunker play, as well as some specialty short game shots which, together, represent the majority of the game’s shots and the fastest route to lowering your scores.
  • Help you develop a pre-shot routine that establishes a solid foundation for consistent and accurate execution on every type of shot you’ll face.
  • Help you blend the improvements of your swing technique with the proper club fitting. Blending instruction and club fitting together will allow you to be custom-fitted for long-term progression.
  • Our experienced fitness staff consists of a licensed physical therapist, an NFPT-certified fitness professional and a board-certified sports dietician who will assess and design a game plan for you to help achieve peak performance on the golf course.
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Academy Locations

Each PGA TOURAcademy is unique in its own way, and offers a variety of services and technologies to improve your game.

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Junior Golf Camps

Get world-class golf instruction at the best courses and training facilities in the country by top PGA instructors.

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At the PGA TOURAcademy, we offer the world’s best golf programs, schools and lessons to bring out the best in you.